They say I am different,
well actually, they don’t.
I say it to myself, because I feel it so,
so misplaced in these daily surroundings;
where instead I want to run and jump and hike
want to cover myself with a sky full of stars
want to dive deep into that river of passion
want to touch this beautifully soft fur of generosity, kindness and love
and want to have enough time to do all that so.
But many times out there,
in real life that is,
I encounter bright and stabbing lights
thick and sticky rooms
noisy and way too chatty crowds.
I wonder, is it just me
who gets a shiver and the urge to run away
when being trapped in these concrete houses?
What I know is that I do feel different
so many times
but that I want to embrace it now,
that feeling.
I want to turn off the lights when they bother me,
want to shhhh when people talk too much,
want to open the window when the air makes me sweat.
And why not? I ask, while I do not feel so different all the time.

Beautiful Finland

Through this dark and snowy night
I wandered
without anyone noticing,
it was long after midnight.
The wind blowing ice-cold air in my face,
I heard footsteps cracking through the snow,
they were mine.
is what came to my mind.
The freedom to walk through this beautiful winter scene
long after midnight
without having to worry about a thing.
This country brings me freedom,
it brings me the capacity to dream
even bigger.
Beautiful Finland.

Tell me

Tell me
how much longer will the birds have to sing
will the squirrels have to swing
will the sun have to shine
will the rain have to fall
will the seasons have to crawl
will my heart have to beat
will my body have to sleep
before I can see you again.

The sunset

Never have the clouds and evening atmosphere made the sky look so smooth, has the air smelled so fresh, has the wind made me feel so alive. How grateful I can be to have a home so close to nature. Look around you; beauty can be found in the smallest corners. Run to catch the last glimpses of the deep red sunset – that’s what I did today, and it was just beautiful.

In silence

I like silence.
And serenity.
Stillness. Being calm.
No talking.
No competing.
No … nothing.
Just being, here.
Listening to the wind.
Hearing the ocean in the distance,
Even if miles away.
I like this peace that comes upon us,
When we stop.
When we … just stop.
I like the silence.
But most of all,
I like this silence together with you.