At the foot of Mount Kenya

Here I sit,
At the foot of Mount Kenya.
I watch,
Smell the sticky rainy air.
I see,
The blue sky,
The fluffy clouds,
And the birds flying by,
And I realize
In this magic hour,
There is no meaning to life
Than life itself.
No matter how far you go,
How high you climb up on that mountain,
How deep you dive into this pool of opportunities, of possibilities,
What remains is only you,
And the differences you have made,
The laughs you have had,
The smiles you have caused,
The compassion you have shown,
The life you have truly and actually lived.


“Are u happy?”, she asks.
“Yes I am”, she replies.
A pause.
“What are you thinking about?”
She looks at her, one can see her thinking.
She says, “nothing, I am thinking of nothing.”
A pause.
A smile.
They both look at each other.
They know.
They know that there are no more words needed.
It’s perfect, this moment.
The absence of thoughts.
It’s just perfect.
They have arrived.
After all these years.
They have arrived and they know that the journey is just beginning.

I wish to be free

I wish to be free
from all the daemons in my head,
from all the doubts and fears
that dominate my mind.

I wish to be brave and strong
to create a life full of color and joy,
for the people I love
in distance and close by.

I wish for a time
where we will all be free from those false ideas
about what makes life worth living,
where we look beyond our own horizons,
where we treat each other without judgement, struggle or pain.

I wish for a time
where we rather detect each other’s potentials,
where we collaborate as if we were all human,
where companionship comes before the ego,
where we finally let nature be.

One by one, little by little,
can we start today?
Or maybe I am just dreaming.


the appearance of one more body in that room
the heat that rises to my head
a look
he returns it
playing cool is the human way to react
it is tough to hide a chemistry
an attraction
it’s puzzling
it doesn’t seem moral
but how can a matter of the heart be unmoral
the mystery about not knowing
‘el amor sin pecado es como el huevo sin sal’
there is a reason
and there shall be no guilt
I cannot stop
images repeat in my mind
the look in your eyes
and the moments we meet
what am I supposed to do
will I wait until I meet someone like you again
just in a better moment
and with more courage
or will I risk all at once.


always good at it
yet some words
are hidden deep down below
it’s dark
they are scared to climb up the long way
light is blinding
what if we are not truthful up there
what if we are not even real
what if it’s not the right time
what if we were pushed
what if
fear of the future
fear of not being right or wrong
we are always only what we fear
we are
what we let out.