When sometimes people ask me why I start laughing at most random times,
I like to tell them that it’s often for no particular reason but the absurdity of life itself.

To me, it’s like imagining monkeys in a zoo sitting at tiny tables drinking out of tiny cups – it doesn’t make sense – so why would they do it?

Now, if we think about humans, we are animals as well, but we like to think of ourselves as being so smart and sophisticated creatures, and that we can grow beyond our animal brains and behaviors, because we think we are so much smarter and more self-aware than everyone else on this planet, whereas the truth is, I like to believe, that we cannot inhibit our old animal brain instincts, which give us the urge and desire to lust for sex and for satisfaction of our sensual needs for touch, smell, taste as well as the social demands that we have – the need to fit in and be of importance to someone and have a role within our tribes.

And I believe this discrepancy causes us such troubles – the realization that we cannot get rid of the old animal brain and solely keep the new smart self-aware brain – that we are trying so hard to be someone that we are not. We are humans trapped in the belief that we are more than that. And now we are trying to produce AI to proof that even more, that we are so clever, but we will still stay humans at heart and body. Maybe a new species will appear through that research and development, but the rest of us will still seek the love of our parents, will want to find a partner to grow old with, will seek the respect and loyalty of friends and coworkers and live a life full of sensations and fun and opportunities to grow.

And that’s what makes me laugh sometimes, when I look around society or places I spend time at. I just have to smile and laugh how funnily we behave, how serious we take things and ourselves, as if any of that really mattered. It’s just crazy and so endlessly comic to me to watch and I enjoy laughing about this incredible absurdity of life sometimes.

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