When you grow up

When you grow up, you are taught how to perceive the world and how to perceive yourself. You are taught to trust or mistrust yourself. And so you keep growing and then there is a moment as a young adult, when you suddenly realize that all you have learned, when you were younger, is not necessarily true. And your whole world (view) starts to shatter. It is an opportunity, and at the same time sometimes you will want to crawl back into bed and just make the pain go away. You will want to try to deny that what you always thought to be true. Is not that valid anymore. It is hard to peel off that old and so well-known skin, because after all, it still seems quite comfortable. It is you. But you know that it still itches and you realize, that there is no way back, that you will have to unpeel and start to grow in new and different ways. You know that these ways will be better, but also, it hurts. It hurts so much. And it is exhausting. You will want to quit. You will want to just accept that you are who you are and you should maybe just accept who you are. And there will be days when you feel shitty, and it is not your fault. It is nobody‘s fault because that‘s how the world works. It is not good nor bad, nor black or white. It is much more complex and we just cannot see because our vision is so blurry from all the societal fog. But you know what, it can change, you can change, but what you need is patience, trust and care for yourself. Accept your feelings and embrace the mornings with as much optimism as the evenings. Don‘t waste your life pretending to not hear what the world has to offer to you. Listen carefully to how you feel and embrace the beauty and pain within you. And ignore how others want to make you feel and think.

These woods are talking

These woods are talking,
but of course you cannot hear,
because you are too busy
following the loud babbling of the crowds.

These woods,
they have something so meaningful to say,
to share.
They know where you have been,
where you come from;
they know where you want to go
and they can even tell you how,
if you just listened.